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What is Classroom Carrots?

Buddies encouraqe good behaviour

Classroom Carrots is a free App to help teachers manage behaviour, motivate pupils and encourage engagement.

It transforms our already fun and effective reward stickers into an interactive experience for the whole class as well as being an effective teaching aid.

Reward individual pupils in real time and keep track of their behaviour. Engage with parents by using the Reward Book module. Use to record attendance and then evaluate performance using the reporting tool. Set up multiple classes and share stickers across the school.

Support your current behavioural strategy with a free and easy to use solution that saves teachers time and effort when managing behaviour and rewards in the classroom.

How Does it Work?

  • Go to www.classroomcarrots.com

    Step 1
  • Create an account by entering some basic details and creating a password

    Step 2
  • Add rewards by entering your order number, add pupils to your classes, choose backgrounds and buddies

    Step 3
  • Use it in class by dragging and dropping stickers. Use on multiple devices at the same time

    Step 4
  • Use the reporting tool to share information

    Step 5
  • Engage with parents with the Reward Book module

    Step 6

Case Studies

See how teachers are using Classroom Carrots in their Classroom
Mountfitchett College Cedars Academy


Why use Classroom Carrots?

Classroom Carrots gives you the tools to instantly reinforce good behaviour and recognise achievement of your pupils. By using a combination of physical printed rewards and integrated online technology you can focus on developing the positive behaviour you would like to see in all your pupils.

Pupils will love the class interface, it is fun and informative. By giving your pupils visibility of their behaviour you are also giving them the opportunity to develop a sense of responsibility. This instant reinforcement makes it clear to the pupil the impact their positive or negative behaviour has.

How much does it cost?

Our Classroom Carrots behaviour management software is completely free to our customers. All you need is one pack of stickers and you are away. All our stickers are fully customisable at no extra cost. To view or order our stickers please visit www.schoolstickers.co.uk

You can try the system completely free of charge. Simply enter your details and select Free Trial when logged in.

What do I need to run it?

All you need is a single computer with an internet connection. Classroom Carrot can be used on an interactive whiteboard, PC with a projector, a laptop, tablet or smartphone. You can even display your classroom on your white board and award stickers from your phone whilst stood at the back of the class!

What if I need help?

No problem we are here to support you whenever you need us. Simply email support@classroomcarrots.com or call us on 0800 998 0080

How do the stickers work?

When you purchase any reward stickers from www.schoolstickers.co.uk they are compatible with our Classroom Carrots App. Simply enter the order number of your stickers and assign them to a classroom in your Classroom Carrots app. These stickers are then allocated to your Classroom Carrots account so you can give them out to your pupils.

What is Reward Book?

Reward Book is our app for Parents. If you enter your students' parents email address in your Classroom Carrots account parents will be invited to create their own Reward Book. The Reward Book captures all the rewards you give out to your students so parents have an online album of all their rewards. Therefore giving you the opportunity to engage parents with their child's achievements.