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Mountfitchet College Case Study - Andrew Easter

My name is Andrew Easter and I am Head of Geography at Mountfitchet College, Essex, UK. I decided to try Classroom Carrots, as the college had been trialling a few different reward schemes, and Classroom Carrots looked quite cool and something the students could get excited about. I introduced Classroom Carrots by testing it with a few classes first. The response was so positive that I introduced it to more classes within just a few weeks.

Classroom Carrots has been an invaluable tool that has helped to engage students in a new way. It has had a positive impact on behaviour in lessons and student feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. I have managed to successfully integrate Classroom Carrots into Key Stage 3 and 4, with GCSE students responding in a proactive way. Students have commented on how they like the immediate recognition offered by Classroom Carrots and that they feel more appreciated during lessons.

I have combined Classroom Carrots with a physical rewards system linked to the accumulation of points. This means that students have set goals to aim for such as letters home, postcards, party for top performers, giftcards, stationary etc. As a result students are pushing themselves to achieve more.

Classroom Carrots is a simple and effective way to recognize learning and good behaviour and rewards students for being more independent and taking on greater challenges.

Students love...

My students love getting rewarded during lessons, both the physical stickers, and the matching flashing virtual reward on the whiteboard. They also like that they can customize the icon/avatar attached to each student, and love picking the image they are going to ‘be’.

They have commented that they like that it is bright and colourful and really does promote positivity within a lesson, but they also like that the system remembers previous rewards, so it adds an element of competitiveness, as they can look to achieve success over time.

As a teacher I like....

I like that Classroom Carrots makes behaviour management far more fun and rewarding. I am able to promote positivity in the classroom and reward those who often get forgotten in schools- the consistent hard workers. It is great that I don’t have to include negative actions, so the system stays positive.

I found setting up a class very straightforward and it is easy to get started rewarding pupils. In fact the whole layout is convenient and generally makes sense. It is easy to search for and amend individual student details and I can also move students between classes e.g. after banding reviews.

Reward data such as reports/attendance/class lists are easily accessible whenever and wherever I need them. I also made some recommendations to the team at Classroom Carrots for things that would make the system even better for me. They are very passionate and are working hard to make these suggestions happen, some of which happened in a matter of days.

I have recommended Classroom Carrots to many of my colleagues, because it really is simple to use and the pupils love it.